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Cultural Rep: March 2011 - March 2012
Cultural Rep: July 2013 - May 2014



He is talking about Vista Way and there’s nothing you can say to convince me otherwise.

omg when i saw this vista was the first thing i thought of 






Find a home here

Canadian charitable organization RainCity Housing provides to the homeless housing and support services. As a way to raise awareness, the organization engaged the help of ad agency Spring Advertising to create two special park bench installations that double as ads. 

E’ interessante riflettere sul fatto che no place like home.

Smart advertising

Advertising as shelter. 

more these less spikes 

i was going to say there’s one of the bottom benches (this is a bench/this is a bedroom) right by my house, and then i realized that’s the actual one that’s by my house in the picture. WEIRD 

also i love this idea. 


jellyt2004 asked
If you don't mind me asking...what does a cultural rep do? :)

exactly what it says! A cultural rep represents their country’s culture! In classic Disney fashion of course! 

iminfiniteandbeyond asked
Hey! So I'm also Canadian (Toronto) and I applied for the CRP. I was wondering if you could help (if not that okay!). If I applied May 17th for this round of CRP, judging other timelines, when would I hear back from disney about moving on/not moving on? Also, when would this program likely start? thank youuuu!

Hi I’m sorry I wish I had more info for you, but since everything switched over from Yummy Jobs to the Disney International Programs site I’m not sure what it’s like anymore!

I know from my personal past experience, no one heard anything until after the applications closed (when I applied for my second program, the applications closed I think two weeks after I sent in my application so not a lot of waiting which was lucky). I’m guessing it would be quite similar for your situation. 

Your program can start pretty much any time after you’ve had your final interview and they’ve decided to place you. My first program, I received my start date in August, but it wasn’t until March when I went down. This past program, I had three weeks notice as I was taking over for someone who could not complete their program (sorry for whoever I put in this situation! it’s a crazy 3 weeks trying to get organized).

mallorygatehouse asked
Hi i really want to work a summer in disney (so for three months) I am currently in my second year of nursing, i am also canadian and i am wondering how i get started to work there next summer? do i go straight to yummy jobs?

As far as what I’ve read, Yummy Jobs no longer deals with Canadian recruiting, everything is done through the Disney International Programs website, on the Academic Exchange page.

The great thing about working on a J-1 student visa is that you can work anywhere in the parks doing pretty much anything (some past cast members I’ve worked with have been friends with many characters on their summer programs!)

taleasoldasatimelord asked
Hey there! I as well am a Canadian hoping to work at Disney. ANy advice you could give for the application and interview process?

Just be yourself! I’m sure any relevant work experience (depending on what position you’re applying for) is helpful, and definitely having serving experience if you’re planning on applying for Food & Beverage! 

Anonymous asked
Hi there! Fellow Canadian girl here, looking for some info about this program. This might sound silly but I'm really just wondering how likely getting hired for this program is? I'm a 21 year old, currently attending university and might be taking a year off, super huge Disney fan and all around friendly/bubbly person. I hope this isn't too ridiculous of a question, I don't know anyone in the program and am kind of going into the application process blind. Thanks in advance! Eileen :D

I have worked with people from all different backgrounds!! 

I’m honestly still not sure what the recruiters are looking for when they interview (aside from having fine dining experience to work food and beverage), but they definitely want to see YOU not what you think they want you to be. There are tons of blogs out there with people who have fully detailed their journeys (I don’t even know how long i spent reading through peoples blogs the first time I applied. It definitely turned into an obsession)

I also know that if something happens, and you’re not selected, don’t give up!! I’ve heard of people applying 4 or 5 times before actually getting a placement! 

shanners-xo asked
Hey! So I literally spent probably two hours reading your whole blog, (I'm really not a creep! Promise). I'm from Ottawa and I'm applying for the CRP and I was just wondering if you had a phone interview the first time you did the program? Everywhere says that people had an interview over the phone first before a face to face but I've been invited directly to the in person interview.

I had phone interviews for both my application processes, however the applications were done through yummy jobs, which isn’t the case anymore I don’t think. 

From what I gather, any Canadians applying now, apply directly through the Disney International Programs website (which you probably did) and unfortunately I have no idea what that process is like, but if you’d let me know, that would be awesome and I can post it for other people applying/thinking of applying! 

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Remember that time the girl of your dreams became your girlfriend and you had the most amazing honeymoon phase that quickly faded into boring silent nights eating Top Roarmen while watching reruns of Sally McSqueal over and over while also neglecting the sweet Tumblr blog that once brought you so much joy?

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"Meet Tony, a Cultural Representative from Canada. Learn more about his role at Le Cellier Steakhouse, a signature restaurant at Walt Disney World Resort serving cuisine that represents Canada’s diverse regions. Cast members in Food & Beverage can work at the outdoor food stand on the World Showcase Promenade or as a host or hostess seating guests at Le Cellier. It’s just another "Day in the Life" of a Disney International Program participant."

Tony’s on the internet! 

Walking into a Disney Park

Regular Person: That's a big castle!

Disney Fan: *sobbing walking up Main Street in Mickey ears* IM HOME.

*walking into Disneyland after spending a year at WDW* where's the castle?!?!?!