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Cultural Rep: March 2011 - March 2012
Cultural Rep: July 2013 - May 2014


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Remember that time the girl of your dreams became your girlfriend and you had the most amazing honeymoon phase that quickly faded into boring silent nights eating Top Roarmen while watching reruns of Sally McSqueal over and over while also neglecting the sweet Tumblr blog that once brought you so much joy?

I’m sorry, sweet Tumblr. I will never hurt you like this again.




"Meet Tony, a Cultural Representative from Canada. Learn more about his role at Le Cellier Steakhouse, a signature restaurant at Walt Disney World Resort serving cuisine that represents Canada’s diverse regions. Cast members in Food & Beverage can work at the outdoor food stand on the World Showcase Promenade or as a host or hostess seating guests at Le Cellier. It’s just another "Day in the Life" of a Disney International Program participant."

Tony’s on the internet! 

Walking into a Disney Park

Regular Person: That's a big castle!

Disney Fan: *sobbing walking up Main Street in Mickey ears* IM HOME.

*walking into Disneyland after spending a year at WDW* where's the castle?!?!?!

Anonymous asked
Hi so i applied for the CRP program and I have a question with regards to the food and beverage position in terms of pay, please can you help me clear this up is it $3.70+service charge and tips or is it $6.70 +tips? or how much do you get paid per hour? hope i didn't confuse you. Have fun on your program!

So I am a terrible person and never check this blog anymore/read my asks but to answer your question anon, for a non-tipped position in food and beverage the hourly wage is $8.20 or $8.40 Now I can’t even remember because I haven’t looked at a paystub in a month. I’m useless I apologize.

nowayitstay asked
THIS IS NOT SO MUCH ASKING AS ME SAYING I JUST READ YOUR WHOLE BLOG WHAT EVEN AM I DOING. Anyway I'm Tay, and I've done two ICPs now (Summer 2010 and Academic Exchange July 2012-January 2013). I just applied for the CRP last month and applications are closing in like 3 days AND I AM ALREADY SO ANXIOUS IDEK. Anyways. You seemed pretty freaking great and stuff, so I was like, "I should message and say hi." Wow this is long and unnecessary and yis. SO HI. How's this program going?!


that’s really cool and bizarre to me cause I mostly write this blog for family/family friends so it’s always so strange when anyone else follows me or is actually interested in the things I write, so THANK YOU!

But also a little awkward, I ended up self-terming from my second contract about a month and a half ago. I never really wrote about it (I’ve been busy with a new job/in the process of really slowly moving into a new apartment), but I guess it was just mostly a case of right place/wrong time.

But please don’t get me wrong! You’ve read my blog so you know how much I enjoyed my first program, and I have mostly good things to say about it!! I’ve also been hearing that the application process is really different now as I guess they’re phasing out yummyjobs so that’s interesting and unfortunately something I have no knowledge regarding

Ummm sorry this got out of hand, but good luck! You’ve done two programs, you’re a shoe-in don’t even be anxious!!  

If you’re going to drink around the world, start in Canada, NOT Mexico.

Advice from Christine for my forthcoming bachelorette weekend at Disney World.  (via anniewerner)

Wise words.

(via epcotcenter)

ya cause im pretty sure canadians are the only ones who will actually cut people off 
but good luck ending with tequila lol 





I have found a gif set that actually makes me cry

I loved this movie when I was a kid. LOVED.

I cried. Every. Fucking time.

my parents found my old vhs of homeward bound and when my bf came over i busted it out and was like “hey you feel like cryin tonight wink wink”

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What happens when Elsa and I go to Magic Kingdom. I’m pretty sure we made the photopass guys entire day.

What happens when Elsa and I go to Magic Kingdom. I’m pretty sure we made the photopass guys entire day.

Haven’t posted in awhile

I’ve been too busy being a hermit (studying for my pre-service test), going to parks, and training as an assignor (again)!!! 

I also bought an annual pass for Universal so that’s exciting news in the world of Jes

Well, Well, Well I guess I Should Do a First Week(ish) Check-in

I’ve been here just over a week and so much has happened already I’ll just try and do a day-by-day recap


After being held up in immigrations for an hour and a half, and missing my flight, I finally made it to Orlando and checked in with housing. I did some paperwork, had some water and got my housing ID. I’m currently living in a 4 bedroom apartment (that’s 7 other girls I live with y’all!) in Chatham, and most of us are fairly tidy so it’s not that bad, but if I had the opportunity to move, I would, however housing has changed their policy and CM’s are no long allowed to put in requests to move into other apartments. boo. 
I then stopped by to say hi to Wade, who I worked with on my first program and had the same arrival date as me, before hauling my exhausted butt over to Walmart (and then Publix) to do some shopping before coming home to pass out


I had my first orientation meeting with housing. They went over all the housing rules and all the various exciting ways to get termed (drugs, weapons, candles, etc). A bunch of Canadians were heading out to Chillers that night, but I opted out as I was still exhausted


Day two of orientation. This day was a lot of paperwork (less for me, because I already have a SSN), a brief meeting with a detective that deals with immigration or something, and then a break before heading over to Vista Way to hand in all of our paper work. 
Thursday was also the night of my throw in, which was a lot of fun, but I don’t want to say very much about it, other than it’s a really nice welcome for new Canadians thrown by the rest of the Canadians in the pavilion. Afterwards we went to an after hours hookah lounge type deal thing?? for a little get together with the Norwegians who also had a throw in that evening


A day off! Jordon and I went out for breakfast, gathered some other newbies and went to Walmart to pick up some more stuff. I had a nap and then headed over to Jordon and Wade’s house with some other girls for a movie night. We watched Silver Linings Playbook and it was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. 


TRADITIONS DAY!!!! I don’t want to go into any details because it’s one of those Disney magic things. However we did learn lots about the history of the company, and a very special guest made an appearance. Traditions is also where you receive your nametag and Disney ID, but mine wasn’t there!! Which was really upsetting because I had so been looking forward to the new Fantasyland and watching Wishes. As a compromise (because Canadians are so kind) a few of us girls went to Downtown Disney for Earl of Sandwich and do a little exploring


I had to be back at Disney University for 8 AM!!!! To do a core Food and Bev class and e-learning. And by e-learning I mean not e-learning because I had already done it and it doesn’t expire for 3 years so at 1030 I was free to go on my merry way, but not before going to costuming and picking up my hell shoes for work
In the evening a bunch of girls from my arrival group (not just Canadians!) met up to have a movie night. We watched Iron Man which was great but I felt like I was cheating on Billy a little bit because we had planned to have a marathon at some point and he was holding out on seeing the third one. I am a terrible girlfriend.


WOOHOO!! DISCOVERY DAY! On this day you learn all about EPCOT, get to take a cruise around the world, and meet one of your managers to go over paperwork/what your year is going to look like. I was really excited for discovery day as the first one I had was rained out, so it was pretty much like the first time for me! 

After I got home I had a short 4 hour nap, before getting ready to go out to my first Happy Monday with the Canadian Girls, and German boys. It was a lot of fun, and just like the good ol’ days except now I am much more well behaved. My flip cup skills are not up to where they once were so I definitely need to work on those.


The earliest day of them all. We all had to be back at EPCOT for 7AM and it was brutal, but after my 30 minute pass out and a redbull, I was ready to go. 
We walked over to the Restaurant where we had a tour, and got to meet some of the cooks who were in early prepping, which was nice because there are so many still there from my first contract. We also walked a little bit more around World Showcase before breaking for breakfast and heading over to do e-learning in one of the trailers. 
I actually had to do some e-learning on this day and I’m not going to say it was awful, but it was long and exhausting and I only had to do 3 modules while the 3 newbies had to do probably 6 or 7. Wade and I finished around the same time (1130am) so we headed over to Disney U together to pick up our ID’s (finally!!). The reason we hadn’t received ours at traditions because we had accidentally kept them after our first contracts were done. Luckily we both had ours on us so Bob kindly re-activated them for us and sent us on our merry way. By the time I got home and had a shower it was 230, and Jordon told me we were all going to Magic Kingdom for Jen’s birthday (Jen and Jordon are neighbours back home in Winnipeg, I worked with Jen on my first contract and she’s here again this summer doing the ICP). MK was great and I got to say hi to Linda who was one of my managers at Le Cellier but had moved on Be Our Guest which recently opened in the new Fantasyland and is the only place in the MK that serves beer and wine. I was absolutely exhausted from the long day (and longer night) so I bowed out of watching the fireworks and headed home around 9


My first days training in the restaurant!!! Caitlynn and I were paired to do our training together this week and it’s been a lot of fun, and pretty easy as the table numbers and sections haven’t changed since I’ve been gone. Last night something clicked for me and I felt like I had never even left. All the little things I haven’t thought about since last March (where Kidcot is, how to get to O Canada, etc) just came back to me. I even remembered where the toothpicks were which I could never do on my first contract. Best part about Thursday night though? I got my first Great Service Fanatic Card!!! They are cards that a manager, fellow CM, or guest can fill out for you, which you get signed by a manager and drop off in a little box in Cast Services for a chance to win a little prize, but the best part about GSF’s is that they go on your record card as a recognition! So it’s pretty amazing to start out my contract that way.

So that’s pretty much it, I’ve got to hopefully take care of some banking today (if I can find the energy to deal with the F bus), and definitely get a pedicure with my $67 paycheque from this week woo!